Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liberty Hill Man Wants to Shake up Politics

Tim Cox, a Liberty Hill man, plans to evict 435 members of the U.S House of Representatives by creating a web-based party. Tim's theory is that today's politicians are corrupt and are not serving the common man, but rather overly focused on benefiting the people who paid for their campaign - the special interest groups. His solution to this problem is the GOOOH Party, which stands for "Get Out of Our House." It is a party without a platform and to belong to the party a candidate must go to the website and submit a detailed questionnaire about significant issues pertaining to our nation, and then submit a $100 donation. The donation of every candidate is used for campaigns. Then, after several rounds of voting there will be one candidate per district on the ballot. Tim Cox's goal is to have 1% of voters part of his party. This may sound like a great idea when you read the article posted in the Austin American Statesman. But, the research I found using other resources, one being Tim Cox's own party web page, reveals more information that may awaken concern and uncertainty.
For one, let's begin with the person who created this political party, Tim Cox. According to the Austin American Statesman, Tim left his job as a systems strategist at Dell in order to focus more of his time toward his political goals. After much research, it is learned that Tim Cox was earning a substantiating salary and currently lives in a house worth more than 500,000 dollars. To some, this may raise many questions about his motive in pursuing this political party (which we will discuss in a moment). To others, it may confirm that he has already lived the so called "good life" and may have no financial interest in his pursuit to overturn the House of Reps.
To those of you who may question Tim's motive, let's dissect what we know about him through his website and other public resources. As we just discussed, Tim lives in a nice house and HAD a nice salary. Now, he claims to have given up the nice job to pursue GOOOH. The only problem I see with this is, as noted on the GOOOH website, only 90% of the donations required per candidate will be used for campaigns. Therefore, only one could assume that the 10% difference will be going to the Political leader, Tim Cox. If his estimate were correct that he has had approximately 5,000 hits on his site and they each have contributed the required $100, GOOOH would have $500,000 already. Thus, Tim Cox would have just made $50,000. This makes it easier to understand why a person with an exceptionally high paying job and nice house would quit his job over such an uncertain political pursuit.
Another issue that raises question is how practical is it to replace 435 members of Congress? And who's to say that by replacing these Democratic or Republican congressmen with non-platform politicians will change a thing? This world will always be corrupt and even non-platform politicians are not perfect. There will always be flaws in the United States Government.
Also, I think it's fair to assess the fact that independents do not have a great trail of overcoming the major political parties in America. How in the world will candidates of the GOOOH party assume all 435 places in the House?
In conclusion, I truly feel that if Tim Cox's party is going to have a shot at its goal, it must receive more publicity. Through the media, more aspects and truths about GOOOH (and Tim Cox), its goal, and its purpose will be exposed and allow Americans to better assume their individual roles in Government through their desired political party.

Liberty Hill Man Wants to Shake Up Politics



Tim said...

Hi, I'm Tim Cox, and think you have tackled an excellent problem. A friend of a friend forwarded this blog to me. I am willing to answer any and all questions you have.

My motivation is pure, but I'm not sure exactly how I can prove that. I suggest you start by tracking down individuals who know me. I believe my reputation will speak for itself. I also hope you will read the book - it explains my motivation.

We need money to run the system, advertise, promote, market, etc. That's why we are only committimg to applying 90% of the funds to the campaign. As the system grows, I will also have to pay colleagues who are currently working for free. I have one kid in college and another about to start. I also need to make a living. Please let me know what a fair salary would be. As you pointed out, I've walked away from a very lucrative job to do what I thought was right for America. How much should I be paid? I know if this fails, the amount is large and negative.

I am funding the entire effort personally, right now - but I am not retired for life. I own a nice home, but have been fortunate in my career. I developed software for one of the most successful spy satellites ever deployed. I was one of the innovators of credit card readers in the gas pump. I worked at Dell as we grew from under a billion dollars in revenue to $55. I like to think I earned what I have made.

We appreciate and understand the skepticism, that is one of the core reasons we are doing this. I also encourage you to read the book to fully understand what is driving me. Or, call me. You've found where I live, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call.

My objective is to ensure my generation leaves the country in better shape than it was when I arrived. Right now, I believe politicians are destroying our nation, under our watch, and it is your duty and mine to do something about it. If you have a better idea, let's hear it.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Eric said...

Desiree, I am one of the GOOOH team members that's working with Tim to launch the GOOOH system and put representatives back in the US House of Representatives. All of us have been investing in the GOOOH system out of our own time and efforts above and beyond our existing work and family obligations (just ask my wife and kids!) - and in Tim's case, substantially out of his savings as well. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that our motivation and reward will be seeing our government returned to it's intended function as envisioned by Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and the rest of our Founding Fathers. I'm extremely proud to be an American, but everyday I look around and a little more of the country I love is being stripped away from me. I fear for my kids especially. I often lament that my children cannot enjoy the same simple freedoms that I had as a child - playing outside all day without the fear of being snatched and abused, the ability to say the pledge of allegiance publicly, the announcer leading the stadium in a prayer for safety at the beginning of a highschool football game, etc. I also fear for my family's prosperity - the dangerous and inept public school system, my taxes go up every year and eat into our already meager savings, and I seriously doubt that any of the payments I'm making for social security or medicare will be there when I retire. I guess we're just fed up, and want to do something about it. If you're part of the 90% (according to recent polls) of America who feels the same sense of disgust at our current government, I hope you'll join us too.

Anonymous said...

I've been working with Goooh as well. Last week my salary was tripled. I went from zero to zero. These people have something inside them that modern politics do not have, and that is love. These people have honor and they are very smart. This movement is real and will not go away. It has earmarks of greatness and already is a great defender of the good that has come from the US Constitution.